Thread: Testing
From: Julienne <> Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 16:54:35 -0800


I have been having a problem getting posts through, so I am just testing. Am
I doing something wrong in the way I am addressing this?


Thread: What happened to her?
From: (Anne Elliott) Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 13:38:59 -0800

For those working on the chart here is more information:
The dead woman has 7 brothers and sisters and a mother whom she saw a couple
of times a year.
No-one reported her as missing.
One sister and ex husband said she was mentally ill and suicidal. Some other
siblings deny this.
The police say she worked in a "twilight area" which is probably a euphemism
for the oldest profession (another euphemism!)
She had lived in the house without furniture for about 6 months and without
electricity for over a year.
She was last seen in January 1996 by a neighbour - no date known.


Thread: ]~-~[
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Would someone tell me where I can find some good Horary programs to set =
up on a computer ?

We are not all crazy --
It is all in our heads,
You have to seek your own salvation --
In the end the final truth is between the lines,
The narrow path gets harder to find --
It is not what is done but rather a state of mind.

Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways, e.j. {;-)
"On this Path effort never goes to waste and never a failure"

Thread: Medical Astrology query
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>> Please put Darina on the prayer circle and send her light as she meets
specialist on the 6th January to discover the extent of the damage to her

If Darina is so inclined she can ask to be placed under the care of the
Invisible Helpers who are involved in spiritual healing work. For more
info, contact


Thread: Re:medical astrology query
From: kent lambert <> Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 05:28:15 -0800

I did not cast the natal chart so I do not know what other transits
were going on at the time of the diagnosis. Through My experience with
Pluto sq Pluto it is the decision that has to be made that is most
After casting the diagnosis chart and the chart for the question, it
looks to me like there is at least confusion and quite possibly total
missunderstanding about what is wrong. There will be travel involved
with a surprising outcome.
I would say she will not loose her kidney. The final out come will be
an increased intensity of spirituality.
Remember I'm new to Horary.


Thread: "Time of receiving a question - Hideaki's comparitive data
From: (Jonathon Clark/Maggy Whitehouse) Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 03:27:51 -0800

Jonathon wrote
>> I would be interested in seeing a couple of questions where you have made an
>> interpretation if you also have the data for the time at which you first
>> understood the question so that I could compare the results.
Hideaki wrote
Now I give you an example. The question was "Can I get divorced from
> my husband? Will I get a new job?" The querent and her husband had two
> children.
> *The time stamp of the querent's message*
> Jan. 17, 1993
> 11:41 p.m. JST (-9)
> 139E43 35N37
> *The moment I read and understood the question*
> Jan. 18, 1993
> 01:52 a.m. JST (-9)
> 139E46 35N43
> Try both charts. Perhaps you will come to the same conclusion no
> matter which chart you do, but the former chart describes the
> situation rather than the latter one - it turned out when I read
> the querent's reply to my judgment.
> I will be interested by your interpretation on these charts.
> Regards,
> Hideaki
Jonathon's reply
Ok - here goes.

I have some reservation about the radicality of both charts as the Moon is
in the last three degrees of Scorpio - a consideration specifically
mentioned by Lilly as being not safe under which to judge - p. 122 Christian
Astrology. There is no direct agreement between the Ascendant ruler and the
hour ruler on the first chart but the hour ruler - Moon - is ruler of the
tenth of career and placed in the second of money so I take that as being an
acceptably relevant position. hour ruler, Jupiter, in the second chart is
square to the Ascendant ruler, Venus but in signs of long ascension giving
the equivalent of a trine so again, I accept it.

First chart:

Both charts show the rulers of the first and seventh as Venus and Mars
although the opposite way round. These are undergoing a mutual separation by
trine (Mars having been square to Jupiter before it was trine to Venus) -
Mars is retrograde. I take this to mean the parties will separate easily. In
the first chart Venus is in the fifth so I take it that the querent remains
with the children. Pisces as the major ruler of the fifth is a doublebodied
sign which signifies the fact that there are two children while Mars
(retrograde) is in the ninth. This suggests the querent's spouse (who being
Mars I take to be the man) is going overseas - since Mars is retrograde he
may be of a di