When submitting a chart to the Lilly Mailing List please include the following information:

1. The date the question was asked
2.  The time the question was asked (include time zone initials and number-   example  PST= 8   GMT=0   EDT=4 ) or if possible give the GMT of the chart for less confusion. 
This website calculates your chart!!
3. The Location (include longitude and Latitude if possible)
4. The Ascendant and MC on the chart that you have drawn up, this way we can all be sure that we are looking at the same chart.
5. The actual question that was asked.
6. Give us some background on the question, who is asking, what relationship might be involved and things like that.
7. Give us your reading on the chart and what you  think the answer to the horary might be and why.

Always remember to put the chart title in the subject line of your e-mail so we can all follow the thread.  If your e-mail does not have a subject it will be rejected by the server as junk mail.

Please be patient if your chart is not worked on right away, most people on the mailing list are either professional astrologers or students and have very busy lives.  This is a free service, don't abuse it.

Thank You,


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