The Traditional Approach to Birthcharts

ew people use this ancient method of character assessment and no-one has yet written interpretation software for it. It is accurate and revealing producing remarkable results. No waffle, no psycho-babble, just a straightforward astrological assessment of your character.

Most of the calculations are done by computer, but the interpretation is done in the time-honoured manner - by the astrologer. Each nativity is analysed individually without the aid of interpretation software.

You will receive a concise report (approximately two to three pages) about you alone. You will also receive a presentation quality birthchart on parchment type paper, suitable for framing.

This makes a perfect gift for a friend or loved one, but its accuracy does depend on the accuracy of the birth time. Try to ensure that you check the birth time with family members.

This is the method used by the astrologers of old, its value is timeless and has been developed over millenia.

Try it for yourself, find out what the heavens have to say about you.

Find out what makes you special.

Send your name and address, (your e-mail address if possible in case of problems),

the birth date, birth time and birth place.

Please make your cheque payable to Sue Ward for 25.00 or US$40.00 (US personal cheques accepted).

This fee includes first class or air mail postage.

Send all this to:

Sue Ward
11 Common Lane
Essex SS7 3TB

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1268 745171

Your nativity will be interpreted individually by the astrologer so please allow 3 weeks for delivery

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Last updated 10 February 1996

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