The IRA Bombing at Docklands, London


Sue Ward

The timing of this event was given by a journalist on BBC Radio 4 during one of the many commentaries on last night's tragic end to the IRA ceasefire. Or, at least, this is how the media are interpreting it.

I have taken the ascendant to show the victims of the blast, (Mercury as ruler of Gemini rules London), and of the people of the UK and Northern Ireland. This I accept after listening to the outrage felt by all communities in Ulster. The IRA are here signified by the 7th house of open enemies, so Jupiter, as ruler of Pisces, and Saturn placed in the 7th. The British government is signified by Mercury, too as ruler of the 10th of authority with Gemini on the cusp.

Mars of bombs and weapons of all kinds, is combust and a simple interpretation of this would be that of hot metal. Its separation from combustion indicates the hidden nature of the weapon becoming obvious, in other words, exploding. I have no information at the moment about the location of the bomb, but it appears to be under or beneath something because Mars is below the horizon.

The Moon is in the Via Combusta which is indicative of the panic and fear engendered by this event.

Saturn is in the 7th and so has signification for the IRA especially as it is so threateningly placed to those signified by the ascendant. The strong mutual reception by sign between it and Jupiter suggests to me that Saturn shows the bombers themselves (more than one because of the common nature of Pisces) while Jupiter shows the leadership of that organisation. Notice that they are hidden in the dark 4th house. This mutual reception shows that this was no splinter group, but had acted with the full knowledge and consent of its leaders. The IRA was in control of this bombing.

Venus, of peace, has entered a new sign where it has its detriment indicating its fragility. That it is on the 8th cusp and so badly dignified it becomes an infortune and speaks loudly of the peace being used as a weapon of fear and death. Notice that Venus rules the intercepted 9th of foreign matters, Taurus being associated with Eire, maybe this provides the location of the the people responsible for this event. The Part of Fortune is there, too and is disposited by Venus supporting this argument.

Mercury's idenitifcation of the 1st and the 10th argues the people's support for the government. It is in the 5th of embassies and shows the efforts that are being made to limit the damage to the so-called peace process. Mercury, however, is weak and Jupiter is strong, leading me to suspect that there is little that can be done at the moment to progress the situation.

Jupiter is in its fall and I think that this might show that the IRA are losing their support among the nationalist community. Jupiter's ability to control matters is dependent upon Saturn with whom it shares reception. Saturn is relatively strong which suggests that the violence and intimidation will continue. This cannot last forever, though, since the IRA structure, Saturn, is reliant on this mutual reception giving both a dubious strength achieved largely through position. They can only remain strong while they maintain their links with one another and while they occupy such powerful positions within their communities.

The fixed star Markab is conjunct Saturn within a few minutes and its Mars-Mercury nature does not bode well for either the individuals who carried out this attack or for the structure of the IRA. Robson says of this star:

...honour, riches, fortune, danger from fevers, cuts, blows, stabs and fire and a violent death.

With Saturn:

...may be abandoned, imprisoned for crime, few friends.

(Vivian E Robson, The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology. Pub. Samual Weiser Inc.)

The Moon and Mercury are in a reasonably strong mutual reception, so it seems to me that the people of these islands are together on this. Markab is damaging to Saturn and although it shows some gains it also shows downfall, as the fixed stars often do. Mercury applies to conjunct Venus which argues that the British government will pursue peace, although this peace is particularly poor and may not be worth having. They should take care that it doesn't turn on them as it did on the people of Docklands. But a peace of sorts could be restored.

The Moon separates from square Jupiter supporting the argument that the IRA have lost support. It applies to trine the Sun, ruler of the 12th, this configuration is naturally associated with a bringing to light or revealing. As ruler of the 12th also, it seems to me that many unknown enemies will be revealed and many will go to prison, largely brought about by those who, previously, had protected them. The Moon's square to Mercury does imply that the people's support of the government comes hard or goes against the grain, but there is that fairly strong mutual reception between them by triplicity which will be very helpful. After all, following 17 months of peace no-one want to let go of it.

The trine to Mars, ruler of the 9th cusp and the intercepted 3rd, pushes the peace talks ahead. The 9th is changing from Aries to Taurus and we could see a change in the relationship between the British and Irish governments.

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Saturday 10 February 1996