The Horary Practitioner Journal

contents of each issue

These Journals were written with the express purpose of teaching. We looked at all the problems we had while studying and set about to help those who followed after us. We included hard to find information, opinions of other tutors in this field and charts on themes which hould help the student concentrate their energy on those areas and learn them with more ease. These are not frivilous magazines, they are study aids in the field of horary. There is no gossip or modern astrology included because these are truly study booklets at their best. If you love horary as much as we do you will appreciate these journals.

Issue # 1- Lost & Found

Issue # 2- Real Estate

Notes on Traditional Horary
Lost & Found: The Basic Rules
A Glossary of Terms
Where is my father-in-law's ring?
Where is the Querent's Son?
Did I lock the Key in her House?
Where is the Book?
Where are my sister's rings?
Where is the missing receipt?
Where is my roll of film?
Where are my sweaters?
Who stole my fish?
Where is Nefertiti (cat)?

Letters to the Editor
New Features & Corrections
Notes on Horary
A Question of Horary/Sue Ward Column
Traditional Astrology/Olivia Barclay Column
Planetary Hours Table
England's Lilly Day
An Introduction to Real Estate
Shall I purchase Mr. B's house?
Shall I relocate my business?
Will we buy this house?
Will my boss get his mortgage?
First visit to a country house (event)
Will my offer be accepted?
Shall I buy Sally's Coastguard cottage?
Will Horace buy our Delray Beach House?
Are D & B going to buy the flat?
Should I move to Boulder, Colorado?
Should we buy this condominium?

Issue # 3 - Careers

  • Letters, Corrections & Staff notes
  • Traditional Horary
  • Copyright Laws
  • Local Mean Time
  • Thoughts by Read Greyer
  • A Question of Horary by Sue Ward
  • Questions About Careers


  • Will the Queen attain the Preferment?
  • Should I resign as President?
  • Will I change my job this year?
  • Should I go with the new company?
  • Will I make money at this job?
  • Should I take the job at this hospital?
  • Will Mr. S. continue to employ me?
  • Will I get the job at the Refuge?
  • Will I move in connection with my new job?
  • Should I join the Air Controllers' Strike?
  • Will the Querent obtain the position?
  • Will the Querent attain the Army promotion?


Issue #4 - Investments & Speculation

  • Letters
  • Questions from students & readers
  • Thoughts by Carol Jepson & Anthony Louis
  • A Question of Horary/Sue Ward Column
  • Money at Risk: Investment & Speculation


  • Will the Querent become wealthy?
  • Who will win the World Series?
  • Will the Querent become rich?
  • A Merchant's investment- the ship lost at sea?
  • Is this Inn a good investment for tax purposes?
  • Will we win tonight's Lottery?
  • Will the Querent be rich?
  • Should I buy the company's stock?

Issue #5 - Marriage & Partnership

  • Fixed Stars
  • A Question of Horary/Sue Ward Column A question of marriage


  • Should I persue the relationship?
  • Will Catherine and Morten Marry?
  • Should I marry him?
  • What future is there in our relationship?
  • Will this person be important in my life?
  • What will be the outcome?
  • Shall we stay together or split up?
  • Will anything come of this love affair?
  • Will my husband and I reconcile?
  • Will my engagement last? Will we marry?
  • Should I marry the Elderly man?

Issue # 6 - Trials & Lawsuits

  • Events/letters
  • The Protagonist, Notes, Memorial for Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson
  • Birth of the Question/ Carol A. Wiggers
  • A Question of Horary/Sue Ward Column
  • Aspects & Sign Changes, Punctuation
  • Reader's questions
  • Trials & Lawsuits Essay


  • Should I sue?
  • Will the Querent overcome in the lawsuit?
  • Two Lawsuit charts by William Lilly
  • Will Mrs; Cohen be executed?
  • Should I file this lawsuit?
  • Case before a Minor Civil Court
  • Should I sue the real estate agent?

Issue # 7 - Children

  • Letters, etc.
  • Antiscions (solstice points)
  • A Question of Horary/Sue Ward column
  • Thoughts/CJ Puotinen
  • Antares
  • Questions about children


  • Where is little Gemma?
  • Will I have children?
  • Will Teresa live with us?
  • A successful pregnacy?
  • Will I get my Son back?
  • Is my Son safe?
  • Where is my Son?
  • Where is my Son?(different chart)
  • Will my baby be a boy or girl?
  • Will my daughter be returned?
  • Will the Querent have children?

Issue # 8 - Timing

  • Thoughts & Letters
  • A Question of Horary/Sue Ward
  • Book Review
  • Questions, More Thoughts
  • A Matter of Timing


  • When will he resume practice?
  • Will we buy that house?
  • Where is my pen?
  • Three charts by William Lilly
  • Where is the dollar bill?
  • Will Noriega be Captured?
  • Is Henry still alive?
  • Is my cousin still alive?
  • Will the baby be returned?

Issue # 9 - Charts that Didn't Work/ and why not

  • The Seventh Consideration
  • Product Review
  • About our last issue
  • Reader's Questions
  • A Question of Horary
  • Charts that didn't work


  • Where is the missing booklet?
  • When will my house sell?
  • Will I win at Bingo tonight?
  • Will the man marry the Querent?
  • When will my books arrive?
  • Will I get the job at the University?
  • Where is my diamond ring?
  • Where are my gold beads?
  • Where is my ring?
  • What will be the outcome of my lawsuit?
  • Will Fred ask me to marry him?

Issue # 10 - Events, Eclipses, Retrograde Planets

  • In Memory of Bobbye
  • Letters
  • A Question of Horary
  • Recent and past eclipses
  • Planet report
  • Astrological references
  • Eclipses and Retrograde Planets
  • The disaster at Bhopal
  • The Atomic Bomb at Hiroshima
  • Retrograde Planets

Issue # 11 - Election Charts

  • About this issue, letters
  • Drawing the election chart
  • Brief rules in making elections by Henry Coley
  • Notes from Bonatus and Cardan
  • General rules for elections
  • Introduction to Elections by W. Ramsey
  • Launching a sail boat
  • Income tax return elections
  • Departure of Essex

Issue #12 - Murders, Missing People, Death

  • Special Degrees, Anareta & Hyleg
    A Question of Horary
    Missing People, Murders & Death


  1. Where is Ann Lock?
  2. Will Alann Steen die in captivity?
  3. The case of the missing woman
  4. Is Terry Waite being held captive?
  5. Is Terry Waite Alive?
  6. Where is the missing woman?
  7. Did he kill his wife?
  8. Where is my brother?
  9. Three charts by William Lilly
  10. Is the absent son dead or alive?

Issue #13 - Medical Astrology, Part One

A Question of Horary- Sue Ward column
Questions and Comments
Thoughts by Anthony Louis
Azimene Degrees
Medical Index Available
Table of the Signs and the Body
Medical Astrology, Part One


  1. The Sick Doctor's Disease
  2. Will the Sick one Live or Die?
  3. Will my Father Respond to the Medication?
  4. Arabic Parts in Decumbitures
  5. Our Cousins Phone Call
  6. Will my Mum and Dad's Health be OK?
  7. My Father's Operation

Issue #14 - Medical Astrology, Part Two

  • A Question of Horary
    Thoughts by Neville Strachan
    Medical Horary, Part Two- Puotinen


  1. Will I Recover?
  2. Will the Patient Live?
  3. On the Length of Life.
  4. What is Causing the Excess Fluid?
  5. What is Wrong with My Friend?
  6. Am I Well or Am I Sick?
  7. Will I need the Operation?
  8. Will my Friend be Paralyzed?
  9. Why do I Keep Getting These Headaches?
  10. Doris and Her Coronary Illness.
  11. Is my Father's Illness Serious?
  12. Is the new spot Cancer?
  13. What will Be the Outcome of this Pregnancy?

Issue #15 - Travel and Animals

  • A Question of Horary
    Travel, Pets and Other Animals- Puotinen


  1. Where Will I do Best?
  2. Concerning a Journey
  3. On the Success of a Journey
  4. The Wesy India Fleet
  5. Shall I take the 3:00 Bus to Arizona?
  6. Is the Atlanta Trip Safe?
  7. To Grandma's House (an event chart)
  8. Pets and Other Animals
  9. Coley Chart Interpretations
  10. Where is the Missing Dog?
  11. Can the Lost or Stolen Horse be Recovered?
  12. What is Wrong with Clyde?

Issue #16 -Horary Review

  • You Asked for It
    Why? and Goodbye
    A Question of Horary- Sue Ward

: Charts

  1. Will I Receive the Computer Programs?
  2. Should I buy the Used Volkswagon?
  3. Will They buy the House?
  4. Will I Buy The Blouse?
  5. Will we Get the Business?
  6. Will the Patient Recover?
  7. Will John Call Me?
  8. Are the Cyst and Nodule Benign?
  9. A Friend's Illness?
  10. My Sister-In-Laws Pregnancy
  11. Am I Pregnant?
  12. News of an Abduction
  13. Where is My White Biro Pen?
  14. Where are My Books?
  15. Where are my Missing Gloves?
  16. Where is my missing Driver's License?
  17. Shall I get a Refund?
  18. Where is my Cookie Pan?
  19. Will Saddam Hussein Leave Kuwait?
  20. Where are My Missing Beads?
  21. Will the Child be Male or Female?
  22. The F5 Plane Crash (event chart).
  23. Should I go to the Dentist?

Issue #17 -Extra Edition 1990

The Moon
Dual Signification
Horary Analysis and Chart Forms
Step-by-step Interpretations
Brief Reviews by C.A. Wiggers


  1. Should we Sell Our Property?
  2. Money and Marriage Charts
  3. Whay will happen in the relationship?
  4. L Will the Querent receive the Legacy?
  5. Where is my Purse?
  6. Where is Patsy Fuca?
  7. Where is the Gun?
  8. Where is my Pendant?
  9. Where is my Wallet?
  10. Where have I Mislaid my Chain?
  11. New Lilly Charts just Discovered- Sue Ward
  12. Should I buy a New Motorcycle?
  13. Where is my Diamond Ring?
  14. Will My Husband Be Found Guilty?

Issue #18 -Extra Edition 1991

  • Book Reviews
  • Complete Handbook of Physical Locations
  • Charts
  • Terrorist Bombings
  • A Fall and a House Purchase
  • The Accident at Chernobyl
  • Iraq and Saddam Hussein
  • Will I marry this Girl?
  • When will Ferdinand Marcos Die?
  • Will I ever Have Children?
  • When will the Horary Practitioner Arrive?

Issue #19 -Special Edition 1995

  • Introduction to Classical Tecnhniques
    Lilly Point System
    Back to the Future
    Classical Terms in Depth
    Table of Peregrine Degrees
    Role of Disjunct Signs
    A Tale of Two Cities
    Table of Almuten Degrees
    What do those Initials mean anyway?
    Software Reviews


  1. Where are my Sunglasses?
  2. Where is the Telephone Book?
  3. Where is the missing Akita?
  4. Where are the Ruby Slippers?
  5. Where is Max, the Cock-a-Poo?
  6. Will My Party win the Election?
  7. Where are my missing Eyeglasses?
  8. Where is my Missing Lilly?
  9. When Will my Son-in-Law find a Job?
  10. Who shot Grandpa in the Head?
  11. Discovery of a double Murder
  12. Will Mr. & Mrs. Chen Help Cure my Eczema?
  13. Who will win the Football Replay?
  14. Should I Sign the Contract?


Volume 7, Issue #20

  • Mikropanastron Book Review by Sue Ward
  • Campion Book Review by Dorothy Kovach
  • The Point of the Angles by Sue Ward
  • Reading the Ephemeris by J.Lee Lehman, Ph.D.
  • Average Daily Motion by Jonathon Clark
  • Christian Astrology Investigated by David Kerr
  • Excerpts from Bonatti on Horary by Robert Hand
  • Beholding, Rendering and Cutting of the Light by C.A. Wiggers
  • Joan's Health, horary chart by Neville Strachen
  • Will I still be Employed? by Frances E. Rackow
  • How and Where Are the Mice Entering? by Allen Edwall
  • Sue the Bastrard? by J.Lee Lehman
  • Where is Karine? by Denis Laboure
  • To settle or not to Settle? by C.A. Wiggers
  • Gary's Keys? by Frances E. Rackow
  • Panic Stations, or Will he get the Passport? by Sue Ward
  • Missing Potter Valley Girl? by Dorothy Kovach
  • Missing Girl by Carol A. Wiggers
  • Electional Basics by C.A. Wiggers
  • Table of Elections
  • Listing of a House Election by J.Lee Lehman
  • About Sex & Money, Hugh Hefner Natal by J.Lee Lehman
  • The Traditional Nativity by Sue Ward
  • Handy Reference Tables for Traditional Astrologers (10 pages) by C.A. Wiggers


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