Horary For Beginners

by Anthony Louis

This book is packed with information for the person who wants the basics of horary astrology and needs help making sense of the older texts. Tony goes into great detail explaining these things to you and giving plenty of examples. Even if you have been doing horary for years, it can't hurt to have another view of this subject and to brush up on your skills.

Here are just some of the items covered in this book:

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Comments we have received about this book

Dear Mr Louis:

I just received your new book "Horary for Beginners" and now feel much
more confident that my studies will go well with Carol Wiggers. THANK

You are indeed a Master. You understant that we are ALL beginners
learning the Art of Life--using Astrology as a tool in this case.

Your HandBook is a real working tool. Thank you and congratulations.
Well Done!!!

P.S. The chart on page 40 is an enormous help in putting it all together.

Thank you for "Being"

Sue Miller


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