Dorothy J. Kovach

Dorothy J. Kovach is a professional astrologer, living in Northern California. She began her astrological studies at the New York School of Astrology in the early 70's. When she relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, in the mid-seventies, she learned humanistic and psychological Astrology from the late, Richard Idemon. She began counseling and teaching Astrology in 1982.

With a stellium in Libra, it is no surprise that relationships have always been her specialty. After a few years of counseling, she found became frustrated that psychological astrology was unable to answer the basic and frequently asked question, "will I marry, Ted ?" She also came to believe that the planetary descriptions, she had learned in humanistic Astrology, were just too wishy washy, and that the rich symbolism of astrology was being sacrificed on the altar of mainstream psychology. Further she felt that humanistic astrology in many ways frowned upon, what she considered the very heart and soul of astrology - predictive technique.

In 1989, she embarked on an effort to delve into the various methods of Astrological prediction . One of those methods, Horary Astrology, specifically Traditonal Astrology as practiced by William Lilly has since become an obsession. She has completed the Gilbert Navarro course in Horary Astrology and is currently a student of Carol A. Wiggers in the Horary Practitioner Diploma Course. In addition to her busy Astrological practice, she writes a monthly Astrological column in Mendocino County News, is a member of the National Counsel Geocosmic Research and is a contributing editor of, The Horary Practitioner.

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