The Comments and Notes of a Horary Practitioner

By Brita Okin

Our 17th and 18th century astrology texts find the practitioner being called upon to locate runaway slaves, to determine the condition of a missing ship, and decide if the bride be virtuous. Modern technology has replaced the astrology chart when it comes to locating ships at sea and planes in the air. Getting lost is not as easy as it used to be (even when you want to), thank goodness there is no longer slavery, and not many care about the virtue of the bride. I am also happy to report that I have not bee called upon to locate a missing cow. My skills are not quite up to snuff.

However, I am called upon with great frequency to forecast whether:

  • Joan will marry Joe?
  • A divorce will come about?
  • The New job will be mine?
  • I should buy the house?

Most people coming for a natal reading have an agenda, even if it unspoken. There is something they wish to know. The answers to these questions are really not the province of natal astrology. Astrologers use the techniques of horary astrology to answer specific questions and event astrology to interpret happenings. The horary chart is a magnification of a reality at a given moment and allows astrologers to predict with accuracy unheard of in natal astrology.

The art of horary is easier to master than natal astrology and in addition, the tools of the horary trade embrace the skills of the natal astrologer. "I Answer Questions, The Comments and Notes of a Horary Practitioner" is a workbook designed to have the new horary astrologer up and running in a short time, while addressing many of the seasoned practitioner's recurring problems. The book does not address every aspect of horary astrology but confines itself to the most frequently asked questions.


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