Nicholas Campion's stunning investigation of the relationship between astrology, cosmology, historical thought and belief in cycles, linear time, the primeval golden age and the end of the world. Winner of the Prix Georges Antares 1995

Exhilarating impressively encyclopaedic documentation of the extraordinary contemporary potency of ancient religious myth, and the extent to which modern conceptual thought is not is much a reaction against it as yet another variation of it. Patrick Curry, Times Literary Supplement

Fascinating and contentious...a wildly eclectic, personal view of history. The Guardian

Campion rightly points out in this densely researched study that golden age and new age myths reduce humanity to a single mass, all of whom must be subject to a single, cosmically sanctioned order. Here lie the roots of totalitarianism. The Independent on Sunday

An excellent introduction to astrology's long and potent hold on the human imagination. The Daily Telegraph

This is a book which Nicholas Campion is uniquely fitted to write. It is an heroic achievement, exploring and presenting lucidly a vast amount of material - material which in the past has had far too little open minded consideration. Annabella Kitson, editor, Astrology and History

This book is the best sort of megahistory, and solid proof that historians can still tackle huge questions at a time when they are so often associated with narrow specialities. It confronts two fundamental issues, of the attitudes of humans to time and to destiny, and uses them to fuse together politics, theology, philosophy and magic over five thousand years. This is more than a history of ideas, it is a history of instincts. Ronald Hutton, Bristol University

Campion's explication of the apocalyptic template for Western thought becomes a tour de force, particularly in regard to ancient material. But as we get near the present day, his insights, in my view, become more remarkable. Though the classical background of the American republic and the parallels of Marxism to Judeo-Christian eschatology, have been noted before, Campion puts them with characteristic verve and precision. Robert Ellwood, University of South California.

The Great Year is an impressive book, not only for its scholarship and the wealth of objective information it contains, but as a book for its time. As millenial feelings come to a climax in the popular mind (with help from certain esoteric quarters), Campion sounds a note of Cambridge scepticism, demonstrating by his own work that one does not have to join in the parade of enthusiasts, tyrants, and idiots which has been marching since the dawn of history. Joscelyn Godwin, Colgate University, NY

This book is a fascinating trawl through the continuous influence of astrological symbolism. It is full of bombshells, dropped in the most deadpan manner. Every assertion is backed with a footnote, and an extensive bibliography invites us to share the author's wide-ranging scholarship. It should become a basic reference work and is a treasure trove for the serious researcher. Prudence Jones, Author A History of Pagan Europe

It is difficult to sum up this thoughtful and erudite book in one paragraph. For astrologers, it is so important that it is bound to become a classic work. A very important source book, it supports its many deep insights with vital background information. Karen Hammaker-Zondag, Symbolon.

The Great Year is a masterwork. It is the work to define any thinker's liftetime. It stands powerful and practical, fresh yet mature, spirit rich and helpfully wise to guide thought further, to make future time happen, to welcome meaning into experience as time continues. Noel Tyl, The Mountain Astrologer.

MUNDANE ASTROLOGY , by Michael Baigent, Nicholas Campion and Charles Harvey

Second edition, revised and expanded, Aquarian Press, 1992, ISBN 1 85538 140 UK 12.99 pounds sterling, Australia $35, Canada $24.95, USA $23.00

Mundane Astrology is the first book of its kind - a comprehensive and critical survey of mundane astrology past and present. It tackles the problems of formulating a practical and systematic approach to this much neglected area of astrology, relating it the concepts of cycles, the collective unconscious and mass psychology. Now revised and updated, this second edition continues to be the definitive work on the subject and among the many questions it explores are: Do countries have a life of their own? What governs the worlds economy? Is it possible to predict international conflict? can astrology encourage international understanding?

'Simply the best and most comprehensive survey of the subject ever written' Robert Hand

'Dazzling, comprehensive and inspirational, this masterwork is absolutely essential reading for every student in the field' Mark Lerner

'Articulately explains everything known by astrologers about predicting the future of the world' Jim Lewis

THE BOOK OF WORLD HOROSCOPES ,Winner of the Marc Edmund Jones Award 1992 .

Price: 35 pounds sterling UK, $50.00 US.

Nicholas Campion's collection of data for nations, including in its revised, second edition, horoscoopes for every independent country in the world, including twenty charts for the USA, twenty for Russia, appendices on conflict, nuclear energy, inauguration charts, all with over 1,700 footnotes.

The Book of World Horoscopes is utterly stunning! I don't think I have ever opened up a book with such a glow of real satisfaction. Consign the ragged remains of your original Aquarian edition to your archives if you are a Cancerian, to the bin if your are a Plutonian. This new edition totally supercedes that already remarkable first edition. This is in fact a totally reborn book. We can now say with a rare measure of certainty that Campion will be around as the standard reference in this area as long as astrology is studied. Charles Harvey, Astrology Quarterly

The Book of World Horoscopes is without doubt THE indispensable reference for every astrologer with an interest in mundane astrology. It is carefully and exhaustively researched. Indeed it stands as a scholarly work of historical research. Given the primacy of national charts, mundane astrology is virtually impossible without the data in this book. Absolutely indispensable, I strongly recommend it as your next purchase. Graham Bates, Astrological Journal

Once you add this book to your collection you'll wonder what you used for a reference before you found it. Kim Rogers-Gallagher, The Mountain Astrologer

The new edition of The Book of World Horoscopes is a masterpiece. Congratulations. Meira Epstein

Nick Campion's recently republished Book of World Horoscopes, nearly 500 charts of countries and significant events with cogent, scholarly commentary, is a remarkable tool for mundane forecasting. Tom Bridges, The Mountain Astrologer

The book of World Horoscopes is an essential reference book in our field no astrologer's shelf should be without it. Literally it supplies a world of information through the horoscopes and the text - I use it for myriad purposes: for understanding the nature and psychology of nations, for client relocation, for assessing world trends in mundane work, to working with Astro*Carto*Graphy and for the sheer pleasure of reading the hundreds of charts - as an avid traveller, astrologer and consultant, I could not be without it. It's re-issue in this beatifuland lasting edition is a blessing - my paperback edition had fallen apart from constant use! Well done, Nicholas! Erin Sullivan, Series Editor, Arkana-Penguin Contemporary Astrology Series, author Saturn in Transit, Retrigrade Planets and Dynasty

Excellent achievement - well done! Roy Gillett, Chair, Astrological Association

There is so much of value and interest in this book that I can't even begin to hit all the highlights in this review. The long and the short of it is this: if you're interested in astrology on a grand scale, you haven't seen anything until you've read The Book of World Horoscopes. Richard Nolle, Horoscope

It really is amazing. A total classic that looks and feels it as well. Many thanks for all your work. Michael Harding, Chair, Association of Professional Astrologers

a remarkable tool for mundane forecasting. Tom Bridges, The Mountain Astrologer

The depth of research and attention to detail are truly impressive. All charts are accompanied by a concise historical/political commentary and a wealth of ancillary data...In short this is an essential sourcebook that will widen the horizons of all astrologers. David Plant, The Traditional Astrologer

All books are available by post from Cinnabar Books, PO Box 1071, Bristol BS99 1HE, UK. Plus 10 percent postage and packing, or 20 percent air mail.

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