Glossary of Traditional Astrology Terms

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Most of these definitions are direct quotes from "Christian Astrology" Volume 1, by William Lilly, 1647.

This list is not complete and will be added to over a period of time. Check with us often to see our latest updates. We hope everyone will make use of these study areas.

TERMS - If any Planet be in those degrees we assign for his Terms, we allow him two dignities; as whether day or night, if Jupiter be in one, two, three or four, &c.degrees of Aries, he is then in his own Terms, and must have two dignities therefore, and so Venus in any of the first eight degrees of Taurus, &c. A Planet fortified, only as being in his own Terms, rather shows a man more of the corporature and temper of the Planet, then any extraordinary abundance in fortune, or of eminency in the Common-wealth.

TRANSLATION OF LIGHT - Translation of light and nature is, when a light Planet separates from a more weighty one, and presently joins to another more heavy; and its in this manner, Let Saturn be in 20. degree. of Aries: Mars in 15 of Aries, and Mercury in 16 of Aries; here Mercury being a swift Planet separates from Mars, and translates the virtue of Mars unto Saturn. Its done also as well by any Aspect as by Conjunction. And the meaning hereof in judgment, is no more then thus; That if the matter or thing were promised by Saturn, then such a man as is signified by Mercury shall procure all the assistance a Mars man can do unto Saturn, whereby the business may be the better effected; in Marriages, Lawsuits, and indeed in all vulgar questions Translation, is of great use, and ought well to be considered.

TRINE - When two Planets are 120 degrees distant, we say they are in trine Aspect.

TRIPLICITY - If he be in any of those Signs which are allotted him for Triplicity, he has allowed him three dignities; but herein you must be cautious; as for example: In a Question, Nativity, or the like, if you find the Sun in Aries, and the Question, or Nativity, or Scheam erected be by night, and you would examine the Sun his fortitudes, he shall have four dignities for being in his exaltation, which continues through the Sign; but shall not be allowed any dignity, as being in his triplicity; for by night the Sun rules not the fiery Triplicity, but Jupiter; who had he been in place of the Sun, and by night, must have had allowed him three dignities: and this do generally in all the Planets, Mars excepted, who night and day rules the watery Triplicity.

A Planets in his triplicity, shows a man modestly endowed with the Goods and Fortune of this world, one prettily descended, and the condition of his life at present time of the Question, to be good; but not so, as if in either of the two former dignities.

TRINE - The Trine aspect consists of 120 degrees, or by a third part of the Circle, for three times an hundred and twenty degrees make the whole Circle, or 360 degrees: It's called a Triangular aspect, or Trigonall, and if you find sometimes the word Trigonocraton, it is as much as a Planet ruling or having domination in such a Triplicity or Trygon; for three Signs make one Trygon or Triplicity.

UNDER THE SUN'S BEAMS - A Planet is said to be under the Sun-beams, until he is fully elongated or distant from his body 17 degree. either before or after him.

VOID OF COURSE - A Planet is void of course, when he is separated from a Planet, nor dos forthwith, during his being in that Sign, apply to any other: This is most usually in the Moon; in judgments do you carefully observe whether she be void of course yea or no; you shall seldom see a business go handsomely forward when she is so.

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