Glossary of Traditional Astrology Terms

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Most of these definitions are direct quotes from "Christian Astrology" Volume 1, by William Lilly, 1647.

This list is not complete and will be added to over a period of time. Check with us often to see our latest updates. We hope everyone will make use of these study areas.

ALMUTEN - is that planet that bears chief rule of any sign, or in any figure, as saturn in Libra is Almuten, or is Almuten of Libra, because he has both exaltation and triplicity therein, and Venus has only house, so that saturn bearing chief rule, is of this sign Almuten. Astrologie Restored , William Ramesey, 1653, page 111.

ALMUTEN OF ANY HOUSE - is that planet who has most dignities in the sign ascending or descending upon the cusp of any house, whereon, or from whence, you require your judgment. Christian Astrology, William Lilly, page 49.

ALMUTEN OF A FIGURE - is that planet who in Essential and Accidental dignities, is most powerful in the whole Scheam of Heaven. Christian Astrology, William Lilly, page 49.

Examples from William Lilly, Christian Astrology.

Johannes Schoener, Opusculum Astrologicum p.62 Latin Track, volume IV, Project Hindsight.

The ruler, significator or governor, called in Arabic the ALMUTEN, is reckoned as that [planet] which has more essential dignities in the sign or the degree of a sign, as [for example] if 6 degrees Libra rises in a diurnal figure, venus has in that place 5 essential dignities by reason of her domicile. But Saturn has 9 by reason of its exaltation, triplicity and terms, overcoming all of the rest [of the planets]. So saturn is reckoned as the Almuten or ruler of the Ascendant. In this manner one must work with the other [planets as well].

ALMUTEN RULER BY DEGREE/ DAY AND NIGHT- complete listing can be found in the 1995 Special Edition of The Horary Practitioner, pages 36-37.

ANTISCION DEGREE - [ANTISCION OF THE PLANETS.] Besides these and many other divisions of the Signs, I thought good to be plain in setting down the Antiscions of the Planets.

[PTOL. APHO. STELLAE IRRATIO.] The Antiscion Signs are those, which are of the same virtue and are equally distant from the first degree of the two Tropic Signs, Cancer, Capricorn, and in which degrees whilst the Sun is, the days and nights are of equal length; by example it will be plain; when the Sun is in the tenth degree of Taurus, he is as far distant from the first degree of Cancer as when in the twentieth degree of Leo; therefore when the Sun is in the tenth of Taurus, he has his Antiscion to the twentieth of Leo; that is, he gives virtue or influence to any Star or Planet that at that time either is in the same degree by Conjunction, or casts any Aspect unto it. But that you may more fully and perfectly know where your Antiscion falls in degrees and minutes, behold this following Table. A general Table of the Antiscions in Signs.

Any Planet in Gemini sends his Antiscion into Cancer, or being in Leo into Taurus. If you would know the exact degrees and minutes, you must work as follows. Let us suppose Saturn in twenty degrees and thirty five minutes of Leo, I would know in what part of the Zodiac he has his Antiscion. Over against Leo I find Taurus, so then I conclude his Antiscion is in Taurus. To know the degree and minutes the Planet is in, subtract that from 30 degrees, and the remainder tells you both the degree and minute. As Saturn being in 20 degrees and 35 minutes of Leo, I subtracted from 30' 0" minus 20' 35" = 9' 25"

Here I subtract 25 min. from one whole degree. or from 60 min. which I borrow, and there rests 25 min. one degree. I borrowed, taken from 10, and there rest 9 degree. one that I borrowed and two are three, taken from three, then nothing remains, so then I find my Antiscion of Saturn falls to be in 9 degree. & 25 min. of Taurus, which Signs as you see is over against Leo; but this Table expresses the work more quickly.


APPLICATION - Application of Planets:

APPLYING ASPECT - An applying aspect moves toward perfection; a separating aspect has already taken place. The faster moving planet is the applying body. If a direct planet, the aspect is mutually applying.

AZIMENE - [CALLED BY SOME AZIMENE DEGREES.] Degrees lame and deficient are those mentioned in the fifth Column; the meaning whereof is thus, If in any question you find him that demands the question, or in a Nativity, if you find the Native defective in any member, or infected with an inseparable disease, halting, blindness, deafness &c. you may then suppose the native has either one of these Azimene degree. ascending at his birth, or the Lord of the Ascendant, or the Moon in one of them: in a Question or Nativity, if you see the Querent lame naturally, crooked, or vitiated in some member, and on the sudden you can in the figure give no present satisfaction to your self, do you then consider the Degree ascending, or Degree wherein the Moon is in, or the Lord of the Ascendant, or principal Lord of the Nativity or Question, and these is no doubt that you shall find one or more of them in Azimene degrees.

BESIEGED - [BESIEGING.] Besieging is, when any Planet is places betwixt the bodies of the two Malevolent Planets Saturn and Mars: as Saturn in 15. Aries, Mars in 10. of Aries, Venus in 13. Aries: here Venus is besieged by the two infortunes, and it represents in questions, a Man going out of Gods blessing into the warm Sun; I mean is Venus be a Significatrix that time in time in the figure. There are other accidents belonging to the Planets one amongst another mentioned by the Ancients, but of so little purpose in Judgment, that I have clearly omitted them.

COLLECTION OF LIGHT- Matters are also brought to perfection, when as the two principal Significators do not behold one another, but both cast their several Aspects to a more weighty Planet then themselves, and they both receive him in some of their essential dignities; then shall that Planet who thus collects both their Lights, bring the thing demanded to perfection: which signifies no more in Art then this, that a Person somewhat interested in both parties and described and signified by that Planet, shall perform, effect and conclude the thing which otherwise could not be perfected: As many times you see two fall at variance, and of themselves cannot think of any way of accommodation, when suddenly a neighbor or friend accidentally reconciles all differences, to the content of both parties: And this is called Collection.

COMBUST - [COMBUSTION.] A Planet is said to be Combust of the Sun, when in the same Sign where the Sun is in, he is not distant from the Sun eight degrees and thirty minutes, either before or after the Sun; as Jupiter in the tenth degree of Aries, and Sun in the eighteenth of Aries; here Jupiter is Combust: or let the Sun be in eighteen of Aries, and Jupiter in twenty eight degrees of Aries, here Jupiter is Combust: and you must observe a Planet is more afflicted when the Sun hastens to conjunction of him, then when the Sun recedes from him; in regard it's the body of the Sun that dos afflict. I allow the moiety of his own Orbs to show the time of Combustion, and not of Jupiter; for by that rule Jupiter should not be combust before he is within four degrees and a half of the Sun. I know many are against this opinion. Use which you find most verity in: the significator of the Querent Combust, shows him or her in great fear, and over powered by some great person.


CAZIMI - [CAZIMI, OR IN THE HEART OF THE SUN.] A Planet is in the heart of the Sun, or in Cazimi, when he is not removed from him 17 min. or is within 17 min. forward or backward, as Sun in 15.30 Taurus, Mercury 15.25. of Taurus: here Mercury is in Cazimi, and all Authors do hold a Planet in Cazimi to be fortified thereby; you must observe all Planets may be in Combustion of the Sun, but he with none, and that Combustion can only be by personal conjunction in one Sign, not by any aspect, either Sextile, Square, Trine or Opposition, his Square or Opposite aspects are afflicting, but do not Combure or cause the Planet to be in Combustion.

CONJUNCTION - When two planets are in one and the same degree and minute of any sign, we say they are in Conjunction. A Conjunction, Coition, Synod or Congress (for some use all these words) is, when two Planets are in one and the same degree and minute of a Sign: Other new Aspects I have formerly mentioned in the beginning of this Discourse. You must understand amongst these Aspects, the Quadrate Aspect is a sign of imperfect enmity; and that the Opposition is an aspect or argument of perfect hatred; which is to be understood thus: A Question is propounded, Whether two persons at variance may be reconciled? Admit I find the two Significators representing the two Adversaries, in Square aspect; I may then judge because the aspect is of imperfect hatred, that the matter is not yet so far gone, but there may be hopes of reconciliation betwixt them, the other Significators or Planets a little helping.

But if I find the main significators in opposition, it's then in nature impossible to expect a peace betwixt them till the suit is ended, if it be a suit of Law; until they have fought, if it be a Challenge. Conjunctions are good or bad, as the Planets in Conjunction are friends or enemies to one another.

COSIGNIFICATOR - Cosignificator is when you find another Planet in aspect or conjunction with that Planet who is the principal significator; this said Planet shall have signification more or less, and either, assist or not, in effecting the same thing desired; and so has something to do in the judgment, and ought to be considered: if a friendly Planet, he notes good; if an infortune the contrary, viz. either the destruction of the thing, or disturbance in it.


DECLINATION OF A PLANET - Declination of a Planet is his distance from the Equator, and as he declines from thence either Northward or Southward, so is his declination nominated either North or South.


DIRECTIONS - [DIRECTIONS IS.] When a Planet moves forward in the Sign, as going out of 13 degree. into 14. and so along.


DRAGONS HEAD/ DRAGONS TAIL - The Dragons Head we sometimes call Anabibazon. The Dragons Tail Catabibazon.

EXALTATION - [EXALTATION.] If he be in that Sign wherein he is exalted, you may allow him four dignities essential, whether he be near the very degree of his exaltation, yea or not; as Mars in Capricorn or Jupiter in Cancer. If the Significator be in his exaltation, and no ways impedited, but Angular; it presents a person of haughty condition arrogant, affirming more unto him then his due; for it's observed, the Planets in some part of the Zodiac do more evidently declare their effects then in others; and I conceive this to be in those Signs and degrees where fixed Stars of the same nature with the Planet, are more in number, and nearer the Ecliptic.

FACE - [FACE.] If any Planet be in his Decanate, Decurie or Face, as Mars in the first ten degrees of Aries, or in Mercury in the first ten degrees of Taurus, he is then allowed one essential dignity; for being in his own Decanate or Face, cannot then be called Peregrine. A Planet having little or no dignity, but by being in his Decanate or Face, is almost like a man ready to be turned out of doors, having much ado to maintain himself in credit and reputation: and in Genealogies it represents a Family at the last gasp, even as good as quite decayed, barely able to support it self.






FRUSTRATION - Frustration is, when a swift Planet would corporally join with a more ponderous, but before they can come to a Conjunction, the more weighty Planet is joined to another, and so the Conjunction of the first is frustrated, as Mercury in ten degrees of Aries, Mars twelve, Jupiter in thirteen of Aries; here Mercury strives to come to Conjunction with Mars, but Mars first gets to conjunction with Jupiter; whereby Mercury is frustrated of the Conjunction of Mars: in Questions is signifies as much as our common Proverb, The Dogs quarrel, a third gets the Bone.

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