by Bobbye Bratcher-Nelson, MLA,

Edited by Carol A. Wiggers, D.M.S.Astrol.,QHP


Yes, you can accurately predict future situations with astrology! Learn how in this, the most complete course ever written about PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY. 20 lessons (over 465 pages) cover such exciting topics as:

SECONDARY PROGRESSION The often used day-for-a-year method of prognostication which is still the favorite of many astrologers world-wide is fully explained. You no longer have to turn to a "cookbook" for your interpretations. Learn how to find the Progressed Date, set up the Progressed Chart, and determine the monthly position of the Progressed Moon by using either the actual Progressed chart or the Adjusted Calculation Date (ACD).

SOLAR ARC DIRECTION: The preferred predictive technique of astrological legends Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson and Charles E.O. Carter is easy to master. See how moving the entire chart by a fixed annual increase can present valid predictive aspects involving the outer planets.

TRANSITS: Studies in a different way, Transits and the "Law of Excitation" provide valuable insights into the timing of events, often to the very day of occurrence.

LUNATIONS and ECLIPSES: Properly interpreted, these natural phenomena can literally "shed light" on what the native can expect during the ensuing months.

SOLAR and LUNAR RETURNS: Once a year the transiting Sun returns to its exact natal position as does the transiting Moon every lunar month. Charts set for the exact time of these occurrences can be very revealing as to what lies ahead during the coming year. Step by step instructions show you how to find the GMT of the Return quickly and easily, and you can learn how to interpret these charts when compared to the natal chart.

DIURNAL CHARTS: For those who want to master the art of timing the predictive horoscope, the lesson on Diurnal charts is a must. Learn to use the daily positions of the planets and angles to your advantage. INGRESS CHARTS: Traditional astrologers used Ingress charts in the practice of Mundane astrology (pertaining to world affairs). This lesson focuses on the application of the Cardinal Ingress and the accompanying planets to the individual natal chart.

SOLSTICE POINTS: Also known as Antiscion Degrees, these places in the natal charts mark changes after which things are never quite the same again when strongly aspected by the predictive aspect. Unlock the mystery to the really big events in life.

ARABIAN PARTS, FIXED STARS and CRITICAL DEGREES: Crisis times are easily recognized when rules involving these zodiacal places are applies to the natal and predictive charts. The Ancients relied heavily upon the Parts and Stars, and you can benefit from them too.

PROGRESSED PARALLELS OF DECLINATION: This often overlooked aspect may well be one of the strongest indicators we have of future events. Learn how to accurately interpret their occurrence in predictive astrology.


This exciting course is now available in a SELF-STUDY edition with the answers included so you may check your own work as you go, or by CORRESPONDENCE with a Certified Tutor. An Examination is administered at the end of the course and certification granted for those who pass it. This course is presented in an easy-to-read type with boldface emphasis when necessary to stress a certain point. There are no expensive textbooks required. All you need is an ephemeris (noon or midnight), Table of houses (your choice) or a computer, and a big desire to learn the art of astrological prediction! Bobbye Bratcher-Nelson, MLA, M.A.F.A., was a former school teacher who knew the value of lots of explanations, instructions and examples in teaching. She worked on this course for over 4 years so that it would be the most complete course available in predictive astrology. The exercises are designed so that you learn each predictive technique thoroughly before going on to the next one. Before her death in 1991 she signed over this course and copyright to her close friend and colleague Carol A. Wiggers, D.M.S.Astrol., QHP, because she desperately wanted to have her work carried on and to be remembered for her contribution to astrology. It was also her wish to help her family financially, leaving behind a husband and child. Comments from noted astrologers include...

"Don't see how you could improve on what you have. It is pure teaching; presents the basic method for understanding. Your complete blow- by-blow descriptions are the best explanations for students I've ever seen. Am keeping in mind your marvelous methods and forecasts and presentations."


"To say that Bobbye Bratcher-Nelson's Complete course in Predictive Astrology is 'thorough' is putting it mildly. She offers the most comprehensive study of all facets of Predictive Astrology I have seen in a long time. The course is easy to follow and understand. No matter what level you are on, you are sure to find treasured bits of information. This course is a must for every personal astrological library." SOPHIA MASON, AMAFA, AUTHOR


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Copyright 1997. Carol A. Wiggers, All rights reserved.