missing child/last seen

Missing Child/ Dead or Alive?

A young child (Brenda) is missing from her home early one morning when the family arises. The father has gone out hiking early in the morning before the rest of the family gets up and it could be possible that the child is with the father, the mother thinks when she finds the child gone and her nightgown neatly folded on the end of her bed and some of her clothes gone. The woman sends her son out to find the man and hopefully the child. This of course was not the case the father had not seen the child and had gone hiking alone as prearranged with his wife. This is the story that was presented to the police when they were called on for help.

We are using the chart for the time that Brenda was discovered missing by her brother at 8:30 A.M. PDT., in this chart Brenda is represented by the 1st house and her ruler is Venus. Venus is in the 11th house of hopes and wishes and also her friends. It can also represent the 5th after the 7th of other person's sexual entertainment. Venus is the strongest planet at +17 and the Part of Fortune is in the 1st. At first glance this may look positive but then we must look at the dispositor of the Part of Fortune which is Mercury and found in the 12th house of captivity or confinement also secret enemies. Mercury is conjunct Scheat (it causes extreme misfortunes, murder, suicide & drowning) Robson p. 206. The Part of Fatality is at 1 degree Taurus 17 Min. in the 12th house (Venus the dispositor/ruler of Brenda).

The Ascendant is conjunct Algol (nature of saturn and jupiter) both of these planets represent death in this chart, Jupiter as the ruler of the 8th and saturn the natural ruler of death. Algol causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution & mob violence and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star on the heavens. Robson p. 124

The last place Brenda was seen was in her room at home so we will look at the 4th house also the last one to see her was her father, also ruled by the 4th house. The ruler of the 4th is the Moon which is at 29 degrees (at the end of something) and found in the 12th, an unfortunate house. Mars is found in the 4th and rules the 7th of "other person" at the family home or with the father. This proved to be true because a man was at the home the night before at a party (or rather partying ) with the family.

Looking to the 7th house of the "other person" who may have been involved, indicated by Mars the ruler of the 7th in the 4th. Jupiter retrograde is found in the 7th house and jupiter is the ruler of the 8th of death. Saturn the natural ruler of death is found in the 11th of hope and wishes and friends.

The Moon will show us the actions, in this chart the actions are over the child is dead, it is just a matter of finding her. The Moon is at 29 degrees, nothing can be done for Brenda. The Moon also rules the 4th of the end of the matter, it is almost finally over.

What happened? If we look at the aspects of the Moon before the question/event chart we can see that Moon conjunct Sun shows the ruler of the 5th of children is in the 12th house of enemies and causing serious damage. The Moon then sextiles the part of fortune in the 1st but remember that the dispositor is in the 12th. The Moon is then trine Mars, this could show a stabbing incident, 4th house involvement possibly at home or connected to the father. Then the Moon moves to a trine of Jupiter ruler of the 8th of death. She was stabbed at home, her father may be the guilty person or know who did this , and she is dead and because of the trine aspect she went swiftly and easily into death.

The Moon is slow telling us that it will take longer to find the killer or the body. The first aspect the Moon makes in the next sign is sextile Venus in 6 degrees, which can show that the girl will be found in 6 days (she was).

Taking into account Scorpio on the 7th cusp CA p. 97, Latter part of Scorpio CA p. 550, Mars peregrine CA p.66-67, we came up with a description of a man who is a friend of the girl and her father and had been at the house the night before the girl disappeared. If he had told the little girl they were going to go somewhere to get a surprise for her parents or brother, she would have gone with him, very quietly, no questions asked. This proved to be a fact, the father and his "friend" were getting drunk together in the home the night before the girl disappeared. The friend left and lured the girl out through the bedroom window by telling her they were going to get a surprise of her mother. The girl was not afraid because the man was a friend of her parents and she knew him. She went with him in his van, the parents were too drunk to notice. He raped her repeatedly and then stabbed her in the throat 6 times and dumped her body in the woods, by a marshy area called "wetlands" (venus in Pisces) CA p.99. In a northwest direction from the home (pisces) 5 miles from the home where she was abducted (venus at 5 degrees pisces). Her body was found 6 days later (Moon sextile Venus in next sign). Her blood was found in the man's van and forensics tests (blood, sperm, DNA) showed he was the attacker.

She was a very young child and fought very hard to stay alive but she was no match for this man. She is now at peace and he will be "hung by the neck until dead" .

Carol A. Wiggers, 1995



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