Our 1st Extra Edition (1990) was such a success that we followed up with another. The Extras feature everything we would have published in The Horary Practitioner if we'd had more room. Both Extra Editions contain more rules, more articles, and more information for students and professionals alike.

Those new to traditional horary will want the 1st Extra Edition for its convenient forms, printed full size for readers to copy and use, the step-by- step interpretations, and detailed reviews of horary analysis, including Lilly's point system, in horary, dual signification, a comprehensive guide to chart organization, 3 new and unpublished Lilly charts, and 18 example horaries.

The 2nd Extra Edition (1991) features Lilly's rules for determining locations, directions, distance, and descriptions of areas, making it a companion guide to our Handbook of Physical Descriptions. In addition, it offers work sheets, guidelines for interpreting event and eclipse charts, and fascinating mundane and eclipse chart delineations. You'll find important information about planets and locations, places represented by the signs, geographical directions, location by house, rules for finding missing people, animals, or objects, event charts with preceding eclipses and lunations, eclipse work sheets, and 16 example charts.

Both Extra Editions feature example charts illustrating rules and themes published in previous issues, using all new charts. The 1st Extra Edition contains 45 pages. The 2nd Extra Edition contains 58 pages.



A New Look at a Very Old Art

Horary is the branch of astrology that answers questions by interpreting horoscopes drawn for the day, time and place at which each question is asked. Because its answers are specific and detailed, and because it works independently of natal charts, its practitioners call horary the most exciting, practical, and down to earth astrological discipline. Recently rediscovered, traditional horary, as practiced by William Lilly and other authorities from long ago, has exciting modern applications. Every issue of The Horary Practitioner features a different theme, and all of its example charts pertain to that theme. Each issue contains 34 to 52 pages!

Volume 1:

#1 Lost and Found

#2 Real Estate

#3 Careers

#4 Investments, Speculation

Volume 2:

#5 Marriage, Partnership

#6 Trials, Lawsuits

#7 Children

#8 Timing

Volume 3:

#9 Charts That Didn't Work (and why)

#10 Eclipses and Planets

#11 Electional Astrology

#12 Missing People, Death

Volume 4:

#13 Health & Sickness, Part One

#14 Health & Sickness, Part Two

#15 Travel, Pets & Other Animals

#16, Purchases, Horary Review

These issues, which are true collector's items, are sold separately and in volumes.


Back by popular demand!

The only magazine devoted entirely to Traditional/Classical Horary Astrology!

We would like to thank all of you who wrote to us asking when we were going to publish again, that really made us feel great! We are making this our biggest and best issue ever. This is our 19th issue of the Horary Practitioner and we really have put our hearts into this issue for you. Also we have decided to send this issue by priority and Air mail, thereby making sure it reaches you in the shortest amount of time.

We promised you we would be back and here we are all rested up and ready to bring you another incredible edition to add to your library. We have some surprises in store for you in this issue. It will be the largest issue we have ever presented, so consider it a book! We have columns by your favorites- CJ Puotinen, Carol A. Wiggers, Sue Ward and J.Lee Lehman, gathered together in one place!! The incredible number of horary charts will thrill you. Also articles about the new Windows compatible software, horary and predictive correspondence courses.

We have printed a limited number of copies of this issue (in the attractive mauve ink!) so be sure to get one. This will be a collectors item!


What the experts told us:

"Rarely does one find in any astrological journal so much meaty, real life astrology being discussed by such a wide range of well trained astrologers. For anyone wishing to become more familiar with this fascinating aspect of traditional astrology, a subscription to The Horary Practitioner is a must. It will build up into an unparalleled text on the contemporary practice of horary."-Charles Harvey in The Astrological Journal

"Thank you for The Horary Practitioner. It really is a splendid effort, and most heartening to see. I give it a high rating,"-Mike Edwards, Astrological Lodge, London

"What a superb job you have done. I love the theme-per-issue idea. The reader receives a concentrated lesson with each edition, and it is a splendid means of educating astrologers coming up through the ranks as to the myriad applications of the horary art to everyday affairs. Keep up the good work!"Doris Chase Doane, American Federation of Astrologers

"Congratulations on a very well produced and scholarly journal! There is a great need for just such well prepared examples and discussions of traditional horary astrology." Al H. Morrison

"The Horary Practitioner is a remarkable magazine."-Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson

"We at Western States Astrology Research Group are delighted with your format, contents, and adherence to the highest standards (shown by your submission requirements) in astrology! I know of nothing equal to your magazine."-Jeannette Y. Glenn, WSA

"The Horary Practitioner is terrific! I was impressed by the presentation, layout and content. The quality of the charts was high, and how good of you to do both types of chart form-it does add to the enjoyment of the horaries. I have shown my copy around, and it has attracted compliments from everyone."-Sue Ward, QHP, England

"Thank you for The Horary Practitioner. I love it ! I feel your new venture will be a great success."-Sylvia DeLong, P.M.A.F.A., Florida

"The Horary Practitioner is very neatly done and will obviously prove a great help to anyone interested in the art of horary astrology." --Richard Irving, American Astrology, October 1989

"Congratulations are in order. The births of magazines are too often ragged affairs. Not so with The Horary Practitioner! You're off to a great start. I know because I edited one for two years and created, wrote and laid out another for four years. It is a labor of love. I hope you have many successful years!" -- Paul O. Hewit, Toronto

"You are to be congratulated on getting into this enterprise. It should evoke interest. We are pleased to support The Horary Practitioner."-Robert W. Cooper, Executive Secretary, American Federation of Astrologers

"Your very much needed publication fills an educational void in the field of astrology. More than that, it is written in a fashion which is easily understood and, above all, interesting. Congratulations! Needless to say, I would not hesitate to recommend your journal. I hope you enjoy much success in this very fine journalistic effort." --Gladys M. Hall, Friends of Astrology, Illinois

"How very exciting to see a magazine devoted to horary astrology! And what a professional job. It looks beautiful. Keep it up-I want to see this as part of a horary renaissance!"-Diana Stone, Oregon

"Thank you for The Horary Practitioner. Long may it continue!" Olivia Barclay, Q.H.P. England