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The Horary Practitioner Diploma Course (DHP)

has been Certified by P.A.I.(Professional Astrologers ,Inc.)

The Horary Practitioner Diploma
Correspondence Course


This course provides the opportunity of traditional astrology, particularly as it is presented by William Lilly in "Christian Astrology". Horary Astrology is a specialized branch of knowledge and demands a serious approach. Each student is gradually guided to a thorough understanding of the work and the teachings of our predecessors, along with the difficult and complex application of traditional methods.



Demonstrate good oral and written communication skills in English. Possess a basic knowledge of astrology. Produce astrological charts using the Quadrant house system. Have a working knowledge of the Regiomontanus house system which is used in the course material.


Deep understanding of horary astrology. Interpretation of the relationship between the motion of the planets and an event, situation or thought. Produce chart judgments of the highest quality with accurate predictions. DHP Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the completion of the course.


The course comprises twelve assignments. Most of the traditional techniques are dealt with up to midterm.Throughout the course students are tested on their study and research of the ancient authors which is an essential part of this teaching, with a minimum amount of direction. The remainder of the assignments become progressively more complicated, requiring more time.


The course should take two years to complete, allowing six to nine months for the first five sessions and the remaining time for the more complicated studies.


In this, as in any course, participation is vital to obtaining a good understanding of the material presented. Completed returns of all assignments are required.


The midterm exam and final session are critical phases in the course. Each covers a certain level of understanding of traditional and horary astrology.


Additional Required Reading:

We have found lately, that an installment plan is called for in some cases. We have set up such a plan. If this is convenient for you by all means take advantage of it. To begin the course you will need to send $130.00. You will receive CHRISTIAN ASTROLOGY (Volume 1 and 2) , MODERN LILLY, and CHRISTIAN ASTROLOGY INDEX, along with lesson 1. (Air Mail for books & first lesson is $60.00 extra to countries other than U.S.) If you already have these books, then the 1st lesson is $40.00 ($45.00US Air Mail)

Each time you return your lesson for correction you can send another $30.00 for each lesson you would like to receive (Air Mail for each lesson is $5.00 to countries other than U.S.). These lessons must be purchased in their order, BUT YOU MAY PURCHASE AS MANY AS YOU WANT. You may do this with the remaining 11 lessons until you have completed the course. There are no refunds on the material purchased.


Carol A. Wiggers, D.M.S.Astrol., QHP
JustUs & Associates
1420 NW Gilman Blvd.
Suite #2154
Issaquah, WA 98027-7001
fax (206)392-1919


Information about your Tutor:

Ms. Wiggers edits and publishes The Horary Practitioner, a quarterly journal of Traditional Horary Astrology. It is the only publication of its kind enjoying worldwide distribution. Each issue contains approx. 40-60 pages of charts and essays. She was awarded the 1991 Annual Award for Periodicals from Professional Astrologers, Inc., for her publication of this journal.

Together with Bobbye Bratcher-Nelson, Ms. Wiggers has co- authored, THE PRACTICAL APPROACH TO LILLY, a traditional horary workbook, a set of 5 laminated TRADITIONAL HORARY FACT SHEETS , a set of 5 PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY STUDY GUIDES and A STEP BY STEP CHART CALCULATION INSTRUCTION BOOK.

Ms. Wiggers is director of JustUs & Associates, a private publishing and consulting firm and director of the COMPLETE COURSE IN PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGYand THE HORARY PRACTITIONER DIPLOMA CORRESPONDENCE COURSE. She has been a professional astrologer since 1972 and teaching horary since 1988.

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