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JustUs & Associates is a small publishing company with a narrow focus.

The company was founded in California in 1983 by Carol A. Wiggers. We specialize in reference books and educational materials for horary astrologers at every level, from student to professional. Our emphasis is even more specialized than that description suggests, for we advocate traditional horary, as practiced in the 17th Century by the English astrologer William Lilly, who translated, compiled, and tested the works of ancient authorities.

We have been asked why we have gone to all the trouble of providing these books for our students and astrology lovers. Well, the only way to answer that is "our love for this form of astrology". Our books are NOT FASCIMILE COPIES. Each book has been retyped , the diagrams redrawn and are paperback bound for easy handling. We have found with our students that they love these books because they lay flat and are so easy to work with. The printing is large and easy to read, after all why should you have to spend time studying and end up with eye strain also! We have tried to make life a little easier for our students. These books are meant for the serious student, they are meant to be used, not to sit on the shelf and look pretty, but untouched.

In 1989 we began publication of THE HORARY PRACTITIONER, the only journal of its kind, a quarterly publication of rules and example charts that bring traditional horary to life. We designed the journal so that it would remain a significant source of information. Our next Special Edition will be published in July 1997.

In this catalog we are pleased to present all our back issues, plus our horary tables, study guides, Correspondence Course information and other reference materials.

We hope you enjoy our catalog, and we look forward to hearing from you.

All books and Courses are shipped book rate (surface mail to overseas countries). We also accept personal clients with horary questions (credit cards are necessary for this service). We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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Carol A. Wiggers,D.M.S.Astrol., QHP


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All of our books are in large, easy to read, modern print, paperback bound and exactly the same as the original version. We have taken the time and care to do this for reference work when you are studying. The modern print puts less strain on your eyes and makes studying a lot easier. Now you can cancentrate on the meaning of the text instead of wondering what that word is supposed to mean! Join us with these updates texts that are word-for-word like the originals.

CHRISTIAN ASTROLOGY, by William Lilly, 1647,Christian Astrology is a must for students of astrology. It has been completely retyped and laser printed for you by Carol A. Wiggers, DMSAstrol. QHP, and is suitable for all research and study, including correspondence courses in traditional and classical horary astrology. These books are a must for all serious students of astrology.Completely redone, large easy to read modern print, paperback bound to lay flat and last a long time.

MIKROPANASTRON, by John Partridge, 1679,Perhaps one of the most important texts on Electional Astrology using the Traditional methods. Completely retyped and laser printed in workbook style, easy to read and study. This book is a great source of information in Traditional Astrology. It contains information on complete definitions on Houses, Planets, Signs, Horary Technique, Natal, Directions, Revolutions, Perfection's, Transits, Complete Doctrine of Elections with 80 aphorisms. Also 100 aphorisms easy by Gadbury, Hermes, Ptolemy, Bethem, and those of Guido, Haley & Origanus. If you are studying horary, electional or traditional/classical astrology in general, this book is an invaluable source of information. It will become required reading in many traditional courses. Over 365 pages of information, tables , diagrams and charts. Hard Cover Edition available.

JUDGMENT OF THE STARS, by Claudius Dariot, Claudius Dariot was a physician and astrologer who lived from 1533 to 1594. His classic text, A Brief and Most Easy Introduction to the Astrological Judgment of the Stars, was translated into English by Fabian Wither and published in London in the late 16th Century. This is a first edition, retyped and laser printed for easy reading. The illustrations have been redrawn. In addition to its through introduction to astrological concepts, this work contains many chapters on history, including significators and how to find them; rules for interpreting questions about missing people and how to find them; rules for interpreting questions about missing people, riches, marriage, careers, property, and other topics; and rules for elections. This book deserves a place in your library.

A MODERN LILLY, by Adrienne Warren, QHP, Deciphering Christian Astrology isn't easy. If you have struggled with (or avoided) the original, rejoice. Lilly's 35 horary interpretations from Christian Astrology and four from England's Prophetical Merline are now in modern English. Familiar, modern chart forms with the outer planets, accurate "translations" in modern English, and notes on every interpretation makes this an important reference. For the first time, Lilly's writing is easy to read! A must for all horary students. Easy to read, laser printed and in workbook style to lay flat making studies easier.

CHRISTIAN ASTROLOGY INDEX ,JustUs & Associates, Complete with page numbers and explanatory notes. Over 5000 separate citations for technical terms, things, people, places, animals, plants and trees, rules and examples, as described by William Lilly. This index includes Vol. I, Vol. II of Christian Astrology (both Regulus and JustUs & Associates Editions!)PLUS an added bonus: a complete index to The Astrologer's Guide (Anima Astrologiae) by Guido Bonatus. This separate index covers both recent editions of this valuable reference, so whether you have the Regulus Publications edition or the one published by American Federation of Astrologers, you'll find what you're looking for.

ANIMA ASTROLOGIAE, by Guido Bonatus edited by William Lilly and Henry Coley ,A Guide for Astrologers, being the "Considerations of the famous Guido Bonatus," faithfully rendered into English, as also the choicest Aphorisms of Cardan's seven Segments, translated and edited by the famous William Lilly. Large, modern print, easy to read. A must for all serious students of astrology.

DOCTRINE OF HORARY QUESTIONS, Gadbury. A special treastise written by Gadbury concerning horary astrology. Very helpful for horary astrology students. Easy to read large, modern text. Paperback bound.

Carmen Astrologicum, Dorotheus of Sidon, Ascella Pub.

Al Biruni, Ascella Pub.,

THE WHOLE ART OF ASTROLOGY, Henry Coley (1676), This book is packed with astrological information. He covers all aspects of astrology. Natal, Directions, Horary, and explains everything in fine detail. This book is paperback bound, large, modern print, easy to read.

Hard Cover version of the above Book by Henry Coley is available. It is bound together (all 3 books) into this hard covered, numbered edition, that is sure to be a collector's item. Only a small number of these have bee printed and bound because of the expense.

ASTROLOGIA RESTAURATA, or Astrology Restored, by William Ramesey (in four books), These books are completely redone in large easy to read, modern print, paperback bound, durable and great for students and astrologers alike.