Carol A. Wiggers, DMSAstrol., QHP, CSH, (DHP)

Carol began studying astrology in 1972. She is a Certified Professional Astrologer (P.A.I.& W.S.A.), and obtained her Q.H.P. in 1988, the first astrologer to do so in the U.S.A., and the 8th in the world. She started The Qualifying Horary Diploma Course in the United States upon recommendation from her tutor Olivia Barclay, Q.H.P.(founder of the course) and then later went on to establish her own school for astrological studies. In 1989, with CJ Puotinen she started The Horary Practitioner Journal.

Carol was the recipient of the 1991 PAI Annual Award for Periodicals. She has also written articles for Sue Ward's publication Aphorisms and co-authored with Sue Ward an article for Deborah Houlding's publication The Traditional Astrologer. She has co-authored with J. Lee Lehman, Classical Studies in Electional Correspondence Course.

In 1995 along with Sue Ward, the horary website was created and has been added to over the last year to make it a very comprehensive site. In 1996 Carol started the William Lilly Mailing List on the Internet, which is enjoying great success discussing traditional astrology.

Carol has co-authored, with Bobbye Bratcher-Nelson,

Ms. Wiggers is director of JustUs & Associates, a private publishing and consulting firm and Principal of:

She has transcribed, typeset in modern print and published the following texts:

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