J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D.

Classical Studies in Medical Astrology
A Correspondence Course or Seminar Series

Medical Astrology is one of those topics that most astrologers would like to know more about, but often the hardest part is even knowing where to start. Part of the challenge is that, in order to do medical, the astrologer needs to be able to combine natal techniques with horary and electional ones. Heretofore, there has been no mechanism that has taught so interdisciplinary a subject.

Now there is. The Classical Studies courses - Natal, Horary, and Electional - teach the prerequisites. Now, they have been joined by Classical Studies in Medical Astrology. The prerequisite is either those three Courses, or Lee's Pre-medical Intensive or Workbook, which contains the relevant selections.

By the final session, the student should be able to evaluate the natal chart from a standpoint of health, answer questions concerning cases with existing disease, and evaluate proposed surgery times.

The purpose to this Course is not to engage in medical practice as understood legally. The purpose is to provide the astrologer with the tools to provide specialized services to their clients, mainly concerning the timing and circumstances of medical care provided by licensed practioners.

To pass the Course, the work submitted must demonstrate a consistently high quality. Lessons may be submitted in either English or French.

Lessons may be submitted by fax or e-mail, except where particular questions require diagrams which may not be appropriate in text format. Rich Text Format attachments, Word, or Word Perfect attachments are also acceptable.


All fees are non-refundable. All fees are in US $, or other currency on approval, American Express, MasterCard or Visa cards are accepted. Payments may be made in three equal installments.

Full Course: $420 (300).

Postage Differential for Canada or Mexico: add $10.
Postage Differential for other countries: add $30.
Note: the postal differential is not necessary if you submit by e-mail.

Syllabus for the Full Course

 1. Hippocrates and the Homeopathy/Allopathy Debate
 2. Hippocrates, Humors, Lifestyles, and Wellness
 3. The Hyleg and Alcochodon and What to do with Them
 4. Decumbitures I: Charting the Course of Disease
 5. Decumbitures II: Parts of the Body in Detail
 6. Decumbitures III: Considerations besides the Moon
 7. Medical Horaries
 8. Non-surgery Electionals
 9. More about the 1st and 6th Houses
10. Physic and the World of Prescription Drugs
11. What to do when We can no longer Engage in Bloodletting
12. The Medical Master Piece.

Required Reading:

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Culpeper, Nicholas. 1653. The English Physician. Known popularly as his herbal, any complete addition of this work is fine.

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