Introduction to Classical Natal Astrology


1. Introduction to the History of Astrology: The Major Contributions of Babylonian, Greek, Arab, Medieval European & Renaissance Astrology.

2. Aristotle Lite: Introduction to Greek cyclic analysis. Elements, Qualities and Triplicities.

3. Essential Dignities. Almutens.

4. Accidental Dignities.

5. Everything you ever wanted to know about Sect...

6. The Lots - especially the Part of Fortune

7. Antiscia. Beholding. Signs of Equal Power. Signs Commanding and Obeying.

8. Whole Sign Houses & Aspects vs. Projected House Systems & Orbs: A Comparative Study.

9. Profections: the Easy Way to Spin a Chart.

10. The Master Piece: Your Classical Astrology Research Project

The purpose of Introduction to Classical Studies is a to teach the background and logic behind classical astrological techniques and methods, with an eye toward the integration of these techniques into conventional modern delineation.

Emphasis is placed upon application, but theory is presented in order to clarify the purpose and rationale behind the method. The Course is geared to natal astrology, but many of the techniques are also applicable in horary, electional, and mundane.

It is presented in two formats: either as a Correspondence Course, or as a series of weekend Intensives. Thus, it is possible to do a mixture of in-person and by-mail work. This Course overlaps with, but does not cover exactly the same sequence or material as the Classical Studies in Horary Course, in which the methods are presented strictly according to their usefulness in horary.

The Course provides a good introduction to the classical methods being presented by Project Hindsight. Those who wish to learn to do a classical delineation the way it was actually performed (omitting modern considerations completely) are referred to Robert Zoller's Medieval Studies course.

This Course assumes a basic knowledge of natal astrology, comparable to the NCGR Level II certification. A previous exposure to classical method is not necessary.

By the final session, the student should be familiar enough with classical theory to be able to apply classical techniques successfully to routine astrological issues of the kind presented in the typical consultation. To pass the Course, the work submitted must demonstrate a consistently high quality.

The price of this course is $320.00. Arrangements with your tutor must be made concerning payment for the course, especially if you want to pay in installments or purchase books along with the course.

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