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MONEY, SEX and CHOICES - isn't that what life's all about?

Isn't it about time you were in charge of your life? Electional Astrology is the answer! Plan ahead, don't be a victim of circumstances, be in charge! Life is a gamble, why not have more than luck on your side?

Learn this method of astrology. Make life fair for a change! Classical Studies in Electional, another outstanding course brought to you by J. Lee Lehman and Carol A. Wiggers, that will teach you the time honored method of classical electional astrology.

This course will teach you how to find the best times to insure success in all areas of your life. A few examples are buying and selling real estate, relationships, when to have a wedding, sex and planning a family, starting a business or corporation, gambling (contests such as horse racing, football, baseball, soccer, etc.) when to plant and harvest, dealing medical problems and surgical procedures, when to send things to get a speedy reply at all, and so much more.

Have some fun with this course -- we've livened up the subject and added some very intriguing subjects, probably some you've never even thought about or didn't realize you could pick a time for its best success.

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Classical Studies in Electional

The Classical Studies in Electional Course (C.S.E.) is a eight lesson course that teaches Classical methods in electional astrology, supplementing the two other branches of interrogations: Horary and Event Interpretation. It is presented in two formats, either as a correspondence course or as a series of weekend intensives. Once the first intensive is taken (which usually covers the first four lessons), the student may pro-rate into the correspondence course. This makes it possible for the student to do a mixture of in-person and by-mail, e-mail or fax work. Of course all lessons may be done by correspondence if the student prefers that method.

This course focuses on practical classical methods in electional in-depth, particularly as presented by the 17th century astrologers William Ramsey and John Partridge, and the 13th century astrologer Guido Bonatti.

The course assumes a basic knowledge of classical astrology, equivalent to the first four lessons of the Classical Studies in Horary Course, as taught by J. Lee Lehman or The Horary Practitioner Diploma Course, as taught by Carol A. Wiggers. These lessons are available as a prelude to the course, or the prospective student may demonstrate mastery of the subject matter by passing an entrance exam.

By the final session, the student should be able to do electionals for themselves and others. To pass the course, the work submitted must demonstrate a consistently high quality. Lessons may be submitted in either English or French.

Entrance Exam - $15.00

Prerequisite 4 basic classical lessons - $125.00

Classical Studies in Electional - $300.00

Syllabus for the Electional Course

For more information you can contact the course tutors:

J.Lee Lehman, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 501107
Malabar, FL 32950-1107 USA
FAX 407-728-2244

Carol A. Wiggers, DMSAstrol.
1420 N.W. Gilman Blvd. Suite #2154
Issaquah, WA 98027-7001 USA
Phone 425-391-8371
FAX 425-392-1919

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