Sue the bastard? A Horary by J. Lee Lehman

The transit by Saturn of the last few degrees of Virgo marked, for me, the opposition to my Moon, which is Almuten of my 10th House. Accordingly, during the period when the opposition was partile, I lost a long-standing computer client under circumstances of special unpleasantness. Among other things, the client terminated my services when he owed me a fair amount of money. I normally work on an hourly basis with older clients, so there was no specific contract associated with the work. I had billed him for three invoices during this period, two for actual time spent, and one for the phone charges associated with that time. Since he was already past due on all three invoices,

I was anticipating the prospect of taking him to Small Claims Court to recover the loss. However, a few minutes before the attached horary was asked, I received a check from him for the full amount of the smallest invoice, about 12 % of the total. The check was stamped on the back, "This check represents final payment, in full, for all moneys owed to payee for computer consulting and related phone expenses." Now clearly, if I signed the check, I forfeited my claim to compensation.

It was with that idea in mind that I asked the question, "Is it to my financial benefit to sue the bastard?" In this chart I am given by Leo Rising, just 2░ off my natal Pluto, but more important in this question of money, the degree on the 2nd House cusp is my Sun-Mercury midpoint (My Sun is 16░, my Mercury is 18░). The Sun, the Significator of the Ascendant, is peregrine in Taurus, in a partile trine to my natal Sun. I have no strength in this matter. My ex-client-cum-bastard is given by the 7th House, ruled by Saturn. Saturn is both peregrine and in Fall. Now we might be tempted to think that because peregrine plus Fall is -9 points, while "merely" peregrine is "only" -5 points, but the interpretation is not quite that simple. Saturn is a malefic, and malefics become magnified in their effect when they are debilitated (Bonatti Aphorism 11, Lilly page 300 Aphorism 21). Saturn in Fall is not weak, he is dangerous. Thus, to go up against him under these circumstances would be dangerous.

Furthermore, Saturn is conjunct Fortuna in my client's own 2nd House (the radical 8th). His money, given by Jupiter ruling the 8th, is in his 11th House. Jupiter has dignity only by term, which isn't much, and Jupiter is in its Fall. I surmised from this chart that, since I am "his" 7th House in this chart, his clients are his 10th House, the radix 4th. The 5th House is in turn these client's money. With "his" money in "their" house, we may surmise that a good chunk of his money is tied up in his accounts receivables: in other words, his clients still have it. Given that Jupiter is in Fall and retrograde, I would further conclude that they have probably been either paying him at a rate less than he would like, or shaving some off his bill: in other words, the debilitated Jupiter can be interpreted as showing that he isn't likely to collect fully on what he is owed (or what he "should" be owed). I do know that his financial condition is fragile: the presence of Pluto in his 10th could certainly bode for things getting much worse before they get better. Mercury, ruling my 2nd House, is retrograde, partile trine my natal Moon, conjunct the Pleiades, and peregrine.

So I have something to cry about. Well? This circumstance has left me out a good bit of money. Furthermore, Mercury is approaching that Jupiter, but will refrain from the trine by turning direct just a couple of degrees before the trine. From a money standpoint, anything I could do as a scenario would appear to be coming to a conclusion, but disappear as smoke before the desired result. As far as the 1st-7th rulers are concerned, there is no perfection; actually there is an approaching semi-square, which is certainly not conclusive, but most certainly unedifying. And the Moon? The Moon is at 29░ Sagittarius, performing "somewhat" (Lilly page 122) but technically void, and about to lose dignity. The Moon is not going to help anything here. I took it as a sign that this whole relationship was finished, and that I should let it go.


As a result of the weakness of my Significators, and the dangerous condition of his, I concluded that it would be best to just sign the check, delete his company name from all my client databases, and move on. However, I have to admit to a certain glee over my interpretation that he appears to be just about due for some instant Karma! ęCopyright 1996 J. Lee Lehman to Traditional Astrology Home Page |