Astrological Fonts

Adding to programs like Printwheels, Timegraphs and Solar Fire that you can use in desktop publishing, Astrolabe now offers three different astrological fonts. With these, all it takes is a few keystrokes to put astrological characters into your articles, books, brochures and charts. Each font includes glyphs in any point size you want, and it gives you all the standard astrological symbols for planets, signs, aspects, moon phases and more. Each of our three fonts also has additional characters of its own. These fonts work just like any other standard alphabetic or symbol font you have on your computer. You get two versions of each font: TrueType and PostScript.

 Now you can easily put astrological characters into your word processing and desktop publishing documents. Use these glyphs in text, tables, and even as additions to charts you have exported or cut and pasted from an astrological program. Or use them to make striking borders, diagrams, ads, business stationery or artwork with a distinctive astrological look.